Saturday, 2 April 2011


It is a popular belief among people that a medical practitioner is never out of work. And they are not wrong, as at any given point of time, there will be people requiring some medical attention or aid. Physiotherapy, or physical therapy, over the years has evolved to become a very effective and useful branch of medical health care, which helps in treatment and recovery from various ailments like injuries, strokes and neurological conditions among others. Physiotherapy is considered a lucrative career option as there is currently a huge demand all over the world for qualified physiotherapists. This demand is slated to grow even more over the years. Money is also good, which people will realize after taking a look at the various physiotherapist salary ranges mentioned further.


This is a blog for all the physio-related discussion and sharing, i , as the publisher hoping that all the physio al around the world can spend time here and share what you want with me and all the frinds, i hope that this blog will maka a good bond of physiotherapist from all parts of the world, sharing make better! love all !

study in physio

ada ke x cadangan macam mana nak differentiate muscle belly atau tendon semasa palpation?


INI ialah blog untuk perbincangan berkaitan dengan kerjaya sebagai fisioterapi di Malaysia. para pengunjung juga di harapkan untuk meninggalkan comment untuk menambah baik blog perbincangan ini.

blog ini juga untuk perbincangan kepada semua para pelatih fisioterapi sama di dalam atau luar negara.

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